May 6th Notice:

We are out of stock on Purell brand sanitizers as they are being directed entirely toward health care. We have no expected delivery date at this point.

BiOSS 500ml gel sanitzer now available with pump. 75% Alcohol formula with moisturizer, sold individually or in cases of 24

Our Products List

What follows is a list of our product categories. For prices and more information, request a printout of the category you are interested in.

  1. Toilet Tissues, Towels, Napkins, Facial Tissues, Wipers, Feminine Napkins
  2. Cups - Cold Drink, Hot Drink, Paper, Foam, Plastic - Liqueur Glasses & Shooter Glasses
  3. Tubs, Bowls, Containers, Pails & Lids - Paper, Foam, Plastic, Microwave & dual ovenable
  4. Plates, Chip Trays, Berry Boxes, Cone Servers, CKF
  5. Portion Cups, Water Cups, Cone Cups - Paper & Plastic
  6. Foil - Containers, Rolls, Sheets, Bags, Caterware (Foil & Plastic)
  7. Bags - Grocery (Paper & Plastic), Nail, Potato, T-Shirt, Jiffy, Sub, Sandwich, Water Glass, Sani-Nap
  8. Plastic Bags - Poly, Twist Ties, Ice, Freezer, Bait, Convenience, Fruit, Zip Lock, Vacuum
  9. Butcher Supplies, Freezer & Butcher Paper, Peach, Scale, Patty Paper, Twine, Elastics, Poultry Pads, Deli Wrap, Box Liners
  10. Film Wrap - Rolls, Meat, Produce, Stretch & Pallet Wrap, Lettuce Wrap
  11. Waxed - Tissue, Basket Liners, Rolls, Backing Sheets, Polypropylene Sheets
  12. Foam Meat Trays
  13. Garbage Bags - Kitchen Catchers, Glutton Bags - Clear, White, Black; Cinches
  14. Laundry, Auto Dishwashing, Pot Soap, Amenities, Hand Soap (Systems & Bulk), Deodorizers, Vehicle Wash, Cooking Fuel
  15. Floor Stripper, Sealer, Finish, Cleaner, Disinfectants, General Purpose, Degreasers, Bathroom, Glass, Carpet, Misc.
  16. Floor Pads - Stripping, Cleaning, Polishing, Burnishing, Green Scrub, Sponge
  17. Wet Mops, Push Broom, Corn Broom, Handles, Dust Pans, Dust Mops, Dusters, Window Squeegee, Urinal Screens, Brushes
  18. Mop Buckes & Wringers, Waste Baskets, Wet Floor Signs, Janitor Carts
  19. Dispensers - Film, Cup, Trigger, Paper Roll, Toilet Tissue, Towel (Rolls & Sheets), Hand Soap, Deodorizer
  20. Paper Rolls - Kraft, White, Christmas, Masking, Newspring, Exam, Banquet
  21. Notion & Millinery Bags - Paper & Plastic - Cello Rolls, Cello Bags, Cookie Bags, Krinkle Shred, Cap Tissue, Curling Ribbon, Gift Wrap, Shopping Bags
  22. Gift Boxes, Clothing Boxes
  23. Coffee & Fryer Filters, BonBon Cups, Baking Cups, Wet Naps
  24. Gloves - Latex, Vinyl, Handsaver, Plastic Disposable, Nitrile (Blue or Black), PVC
  25. Paper Placemats - Plain, Coloured & Stock Design
  26. Straws, Toothpicks, Arrows
  27. Cutlery - Bulk, Kits, Retail Pack, Stir Sticks, Skewers, Vinegar Portion, Salt, Pepper, Sugar
  28. Tickets
  29. Hinged Containers - Foam & Plastic, Tart, Muffin, Nacho
  30. Copy Paper & Bar Bills
  31. Tapes - Masking, Cello, Carton Sealing, Filament, Paper Gummed, PVC
  32. Oil Absorbent, Sweeping Compound, Ice Melter, Rock Salt
  33. Pizza Boxes - Chip Board & Corrugated, Stax, Slice Tray
  34. Corrugated - Patty Boxes, Rolls, Packing (New), Packing (Used), Wardrobe
  35. Shipping Supplies - Packing Slip Envelope, Polytwine, Foam Peanuts, Bubble Wrap
  36. Boxes - Cake, Chip, Pizza - Carryout Trays, Hot Dog Holders, Cake Boards, Snack, Luncheon, Dinner
  37. Plastic Tablecovers, Skirts, Party Supplies (Plates, Cups, Napkins, Cutlery, Themes), Misc.
  38. Sanitation Equipment - Upright Vacs, Polishers, Autoscrubbers, Misc. Vacuum Bags & Tools
  39. Equipment Parts
  40. Used Equipment
  41. Labour, Rental Equipment
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