Pet Friendly. Contains soil supporting compounds CMA, Potash, Beet Juice. Green tint is water soluble so won’t stain. Extended freeze/thaw cycle. Reduces damage to concrete. Skid prices available (56 bags).



Our Products List

What follows is a list of our product categories. For prices and more information, request a printout of the category you are interested in.

  1. Toilet Tissues, Towels, Napkins, Facial Tissues, Wipers, Feminine Napkins
  2. Cups - Cold Drink, Hot Drink, Paper, Foam, Plastic - Liqueur Glasses & Shooter Glasses
  3. Tubs, Bowls, Containers, Pails & Lids - Paper, Foam, Plastic, Microwave & dual ovenable
  4. Plates, Chip Trays, Berry Boxes, Cone Servers, CKF
  5. Portion Cups, Water Cups, Cone Cups - Paper & Plastic
  6. Foil - Containers, Rolls, Sheets, Bags, Caterware (Foil & Plastic)
  7. Bags - Grocery (Paper & Plastic), Nail, Potato, T-Shirt, Jiffy, Sub, Sandwich, Water Glass, Sani-Nap
  8. Plastic Bags - Poly, Twist Ties, Ice, Freezer, Bait, Convenience, Fruit, Zip Lock, Vacuum
  9. Butcher Supplies, Freezer & Butcher Paper, Peach, Scale, Patty Paper, Twine, Elastics, Poultry Pads, Deli Wrap, Box Liners
  10. Film Wrap - Rolls, Meat, Produce, Stretch & Pallet Wrap, Lettuce Wrap
  11. Waxed - Tissue, Basket Liners, Rolls, Backing Sheets, Polypropylene Sheets
  12. Foam Meat Trays
  13. Garbage Bags - Kitchen Catchers, Glutton Bags - Clear, White, Black; Cinches
  14. Laundry, Auto Dishwashing, Pot Soap, Amenities, Hand Soap (Systems & Bulk), Deodorizers, Vehicle Wash, Cooking Fuel
  15. Floor Stripper, Sealer, Finish, Cleaner, Disinfectants, General Purpose, Degreasers, Bathroom, Glass, Carpet, Misc.
  16. Floor Pads - Stripping, Cleaning, Polishing, Burnishing, Green Scrub, Sponge
  17. Wet Mops, Push Broom, Corn Broom, Handles, Dust Pans, Dust Mops, Dusters, Window Squeegee, Urinal Screens, Brushes
  18. Mop Buckes & Wringers, Waste Baskets, Wet Floor Signs, Janitor Carts
  19. Dispensers - Film, Cup, Trigger, Paper Roll, Toilet Tissue, Towel (Rolls & Sheets), Hand Soap, Deodorizer
  20. Paper Rolls - Kraft, White, Christmas, Masking, Newspring, Exam, Banquet
  21. Notion & Millinery Bags - Paper & Plastic - Cello Rolls, Cello Bags, Cookie Bags, Krinkle Shred, Cap Tissue, Curling Ribbon, Gift Wrap, Shopping Bags
  22. Gift Boxes, Clothing Boxes
  23. Coffee & Fryer Filters, BonBon Cups, Baking Cups, Wet Naps
  24. Gloves - Latex, Vinyl, Handsaver, Plastic Disposable, Nitrile (Blue or Black), PVC
  25. Paper Placemats - Plain, Coloured & Stock Design
  26. Straws, Toothpicks, Arrows
  27. Cutlery - Bulk, Kits, Retail Pack, Stir Sticks, Skewers, Vinegar Portion, Salt, Pepper, Sugar
  28. Tickets
  29. Hinged Containers - Foam & Plastic, Tart, Muffin, Nacho
  30. Copy Paper & Bar Bills
  31. Tapes - Masking, Cello, Carton Sealing, Filament, Paper Gummed, PVC
  32. Oil Absorbent, Sweeping Compound, Ice Melter, Rock Salt
  33. Pizza Boxes - Chip Board & Corrugated, Stax, Slice Tray
  34. Corrugated - Patty Boxes, Rolls, Packing (New), Packing (Used), Wardrobe
  35. Shipping Supplies - Packing Slip Envelope, Polytwine, Foam Peanuts, Bubble Wrap
  36. Boxes - Cake, Chip, Pizza - Carryout Trays, Hot Dog Holders, Cake Boards, Snack, Luncheon, Dinner
  37. Plastic Tablecovers, Skirts, Party Supplies (Plates, Cups, Napkins, Cutlery, Themes), Misc.
  38. Sanitation Equipment - Upright Vacs, Polishers, Autoscrubbers, Misc. Vacuum Bags & Tools
  39. Equipment Parts
  40. Used Equipment
  41. Labour, Rental Equipment
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