IDecon Personal Care Kit #001 Nafta Certified

IDecon bags

Kit includes:


• Valuables Bag

  Easy to follow, illustrated instructions are printed on the front of this resealable 10" X   13" bag that moves patients through a smooth and easy decon process. Barcoded,   contains entire kit.

  10" (25 cm) X 13" (36 cm) bag


• Clothing Bag

  Large, heavy duty bag holds contaminated clothing. Draw string closure seals    personal items and contaminants. Barcode allows for quick and easy processing   and identification of belongings.

  32" x 18" + 4” BG bag


• ID Bracelet, Towels + Redress Kit

  Post decon redress kit with barcoded ID bracelet that links to bags.

  • one-size-fits-all blue gown 42”x45”

  • one-size-fits-all booties

  • (3) 16”x40" towels


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